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February 15, 2021

Renee's Forever Home


We bought our property just after getting married, knowing we wanted to build our forever home there one day. We loved the local community and the dream of a peak of the water one day, but the home we bought was far from a dream at the time.

Let's just say our bedroom was a converted garage with old concrete tiles on the floor (not in a good way) and we needed a lot of DIY love to make it liveable for ten years before we could embark on our new build project. 



Original house, DIY projects and our kitchen and bathroom before and after


Copy of Renee home images

We had our two eldest daughters in that original home, as well as our two fur babies (if you can call boxer dogs fur babies), and it was definitely a happy home. But with plans for a third child and no outdoor space for the kids, we decided to put our original dreams in place and begin our forever home project.


Building a home had always been a goal of ours, and it's a real privilege to be able to co-create your home with professionals and select your own materials, but it does come with a lot of decisions and stress.


I project managed our build, in collaboration with our builder, whilst being pregnant and having our third daughter. (Is it just me or do we always seem to embark on some of the most stressful events in our life all at once??) 



We had a lot of challenges along the way, and I'm thankful that four years on the memory of those has dulled, and we love our forever family home.


Renee home images (1)

Some of the challenges I experienced were the feelings of overwhelm trying to make selections and understand costs. I had even studied interior design and was connected in the industry, but nearly every decision felt more complex than I thought it should be. I had pinterest boards for every room, and knew what home design ideas I loved, but it was hard to simply source that without being overwhelmed by even more choice.


This experience, along with supporting clients through the same thing, helped to plant the seed of TileHaus four years ago. Our purpose is to demystify all of that and make tile shopping easy, giving our customers more time back for all the other decisions that are needed, or just living life. You can view our gallery for inspiration and search tiles by shape, colour or style.


If you want to know more about our build project, we were lucky enough to be featured in homestyle magazine and you can read more about that here.


📷 David Straight (The professional ones of the finished job)


Renee home images (2)

Ensuite Room 1


We bought our property knowing we wanted to build our forever home there one day, but the home we bought was far from a dream at the time.