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November 22, 2021

How many tiles do I need? - Measuring up

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As we strive to empower you on your tiling journey, we thought we would answer one of our most commonly asked tile questions "how many tiles I will need?" While it may seem like a daunting task, once you know all the helpful tips and tricks, it is actually super simple.  Check out the video below for all of our tips on measuring up your space! 


IMG_1081 (1)


The maths is simple, length x width = m2!



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Step 1: Draw up the spaces you are measuring - a rough sketch is fine, we will mainly use it to keep track of our measurements.

Step 2: If you have any irregular shapes, like the one on the left, make it into its own rectangle so it is easier to measure, as shown in the drawing above.

Step 3: Measure the height and width of each rectangle and write each measurement against the corresponding area of your drawing. Usually, measurements are taken in millimeters for accuracy.

Step 4: Apply the following equation for each measurement height x width = m2 (we recommend converting the millimeter measurements into meters to make your calculations easier)

Step 5: Add all your m2 amounts together to work out the total area you are tiling

Step 6: Add your allowance for cuttings/wastage. We recommend adding between 10-20%. There you have it, the title quantity you require!


Removing non-tiled areas: If you have any spaces you are not tiling, like a door or window, in an area that is being tiled, you can remove it from your total m2. You just follow the same equation, height x width = m2, to work out the area you won't be tiling and subtract that from the m2 you have calculated for the tiled area. 


Easy as that, get your tape measure and calculator out and you are ready to go! 


Tiles are sold by the full box. The square meter quantity per box does vary from tile to tile. Shopping on tilehaus.co.nz however makes it super simple to work out how many boxes you need. Simply enter your square meter quantity in the 'Quantity' field and our site will convert your measurement to the correct number of boxes, rounded up to the nearest full box.


Team TileHaus

                     The maths is simple, length x width = m2!