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February 25, 2021

2021 Trend : Cosy Living, Cottagecore and Jungalow Bathrooms

Considering the amount of time we all spent at home in 2020, it's not really a surprise that some of the hottest interior trends in 2021 are centered around comfort, returning to nature and the simpler things in life.


Elle range of mosaic look floor tiles that can create multiple design combinations


More than ever, our homes have become a sanctuary for us and a place to bring our personality to life, often in a relaxed and comforting way. The trend of 'cosy living' started appearing in 2019, well before COVID-19, with popular interior items being candles, throws, blankets and plants. Typically centered around living spaces, this trend has now spread to new rooms and moments, with acceleration of the trend due to lockdown life and wanting a space to nourish ourselves at home.



Dulux Autumn Colour Trend Nourish. Colours used are Kauri Cliffs, Kuaotunu and Haast Half. Photo by @lisacohenphoto and stylist @breeleech.


This has influenced tile trends and a surge in decorative tile trends that would have once been considered bold and brave, but now are an expression of style and life, leaving behind some of the stark minimalist bathrooms and living spaces.



Napier Vintage Navy Matt Tile Installed


This trend is not only evident by the wide range of decorative tiles available today, but also a far greater usage of contrasting grout to tile colours and interesting laying patterns, bringing personality and interest to a simple and traditional tile.


Money Penny White Mosaic Tile

Money Penny White Mosaic Tiles with contrasting grey grout


Plants are being used more than ever and there is even a style called 'Jungalow' that blends old, new, folkloristic and surprising materials with a huge number of green plants. The only rule of Jungalow is that it has to become a reflection of your own personality and experiences.


Mt Cook White Gloss Small Subway Tile

Certainly a trend continuing on style for 2021 is 'Cottagecore' which is a movement bringing back agricultural life, skills and crafts, embracing a simpler, sustainable existance that is more harmonious with nature. Aesthetically, it's a nod to the traditional English countryside style, romantic and nostalgic. Some say it's all about coziness at home.


If these trends are the sort of thing you are looking for in your tiling project then we recommend you start with looking at our Vintage tiles or check out our Pinterest board for some more inspiration. Don't forget the TileHaus team are here to help you bring your inspiration to life and select the right tiles for your project.


Vintage tiles in bathroomVintage tiles paired with brass fittings and shaker style cabinetry is right on trend.


More than ever, our homes have become a sanctuary for us and a place to bring our personality to life, often in a relaxed and comforting way.